What is rock?

The freestyle genre launched by the songs included on Rock 'n' Roll albums of the British invasion that were not Rock 'n' Roll The Beatles were the first rock band It should be noted that the Beatles used a two guitar format because they were originally a Rock 'n' Roll band Rock is a one guitar format genre These Rock 'n' Roll bands of the British invasion which would become rock bands started off covering Chuck Berry songs in England After the breakup of the Beatles, Led Zeppelin would become the world's preferred rock band Led Zeppelin's guitarist Jimmy Page was also inspired by American guitar music but not Rock 'n' Roll, Rockabilly, a derivative of Rock 'n' Roll which omitted honkey tonk guitar rythms in favor of choppy chords and fills In the song Rock 'n' Roll Zeppelin delivers a coded message, that Rock 'n' Roll is Honkey Tonk in Jonesy playing Honkey Tonk right hand chords along with Page's guitar chords, an otherwise faux pas they would have avoided, although nearly all throughout Zeppelin's music there is no use of honkey tonk rythms

So who was the first dedicated rock band? The Doors  were an American rock band formed in 1965 in Los Angeles California with Jim Morrison vocals, Robby Krieger guitar and bass, Ray Manzarek keyboards and drummer John Densmore The Doors used sideman bass guitarist Larry Knetchel on their first album and then Douglas Lubahn