What is Rock-n-Roll?

What is Rock 'n' Roll?
The transposing of pre-ragtime and ragtime era blues piano styles Honkey Tonk (also known as The Shuffle and Barrel House) and Boogie Woogie to other instruments notably the saxophone and acoustic bass early on, and electric guitar At it's inception Rock 'n' Roll was greatly characterized by Boogie Woogie played on saxophone until Chuck Berry transposed Honkey Tonk left hand piano figure to the electric guitar and beyond that, with songs like Thirty Days, a bluegrass song, Berry was able to turn songs from other genres into Rock 'n' Roll hits with his rich fuzzy sounding electric guitar With the exception of songs like Short Shorts and Hot Rod Lincoln twenty years later, Boogie Woogie would not be transposed to electric guitar and would be omitted from Rock 'n' Roll and Rock