An interpretation of the The Beatles "Come Together" from their 1969 album "Abbey Road"

This song seems to be John Lennon imitating Mal Evans The lyrics may be filled with things Evans says, maybe including one of his marijauana dealers The theme of the song seems to be Evans is waiting for his dealer to arrive and stressed in the meanwhile This view is derived from the Anthology 3 version of the song in which Lennon imitates Evans voice In one verse he says "got to get some bobo" which means marijuana and then he says "take it easy man" in dialogue near the end and finally "Here's the kid Mal" meaning his dealer's arrived Why write a song about Mal? The inverse relationship between John and Yoko and the Beatles is paralled by the older inverse relationship of John and Paul and Paul and Mal In earlier days Mal used to go out to eat at clubs with Paul and Neil Aspinall after recording sessions while John, George and Ringo went back to their homes and we see as time went on Paul and Mal became closer while Paul and John drifted apart I think many of the songs lines are "Mal'isms"