An interpretation of the The Beatles "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" from their 1968 double vinyl album "The Beatles"

Written and sung by George Harrison the song discusses how Tara Browne was compromised by Salvador Dali protege transexual Amanda Lear It would seem the Beatles were unaware as well Lear was really a transexual and had taken her for a real woman and both George and John were sexually involved with her/him It would seem Paul told someone, maybe Nicky MacSherry, about Tara Browne's relationship with Amanda Lear, causing himself to be assaulted probably by Browne and Browne's subsequent car accident death who Beatles manager Brian Epstein probably had a hand in arranging and this would also cause the death of Brian Jones for he dated Lear as well  Lear had been sent on a mission to compromise them all by her mentors Salvador Dali from Paris and April Ashley, a Liverpool born transexual The Hollywood homosexuals would be thrilled and while the Beatles were on tour in the states in California, Burt Lancaster, a notorious Hollywood homosexual, gave Paul a Gibson S4001 Bass Guitar There's no indication Paul or Ringo had ever been invovled with Lear Where John and George appear in many photos with Amanda, who seems to provide the inspiration for the name of their record label "Apple", there are no photos of Paul or Ringo with Amanda